About Us

Quantum Resources Inc.

Quantum Resources Inc is a global pioneer in the delivery of coaching, consulting and transformational programs to the corporate world. For over 25 years, Quantum Resources has coached and trained top executives, managers and staff in accessing breakthroughs in communication, visionary leadership, organizational performance, real time productivity and authentic teamwork.

Quantum Resources provides coaching, consulting and leadership training programs to organizations seeking to create unprecedented results quickly. This training leads to dynamic innovation, collaboration and “home run” performance.


Quantum Resources Charter

Our Mission is transforming the nature of work such that work shows up as self-expression, contribution and accomplishment, fulfilling and honoring the integrity of the human spirit.

The following fundamental values are at the heart of who we are:

Integrity: Honoring one’s word as oneself; the foundation of work-ability.

Responsibility: Choosing to live as cause in the matter.

Contribution: Living a life that matters; making a difference now.

Creation: To cause to exist; to bring into being; natural resourcefulness; generating intention into reality in real time.

Relatedness: A profound respect and compassion; people’s natural affinity expressed; joy; open and authentic communication.

Leadership: Generating new paradigms and empowering new worlds of possibility for others; causing others to cause.

Service: Being for others; Being of use, assistance, and benefit; contributing to the welfare of others.

Transparency: The quality or state of being transparent. Transparent: Having the property of light through its substance so that origins can be distinctly seen. Open, frank, candid.

Accessibility: Easy to approach, reach, enter, speak with, or use. Obtainable; attainable.

We promise to accomplish our mission and to operate consistent with our values.