Building High Performance Culture

Building a high performance culture exponentially expands an organization’s ability to innovate, collaborate, and generate extraordinary performance  It requires starting from a blank canvas. In this program, you will complete the past-based inherited future that has inhibited growth and limited productivity. You will find yourself in action, designing a powerful organizational culture that calls forth fulfillment and accomplishment and produces unprecedented achievement and high performance.

Two-day program followed by a half-day session.


Communication for Action and Performance

This course accesses ways of communicating that move beyond the ordinary, the commonplace, to an extraordinary way of communicating that is itself a direct and potent form of action. In this program you will discover the conversations that generate accomplishment. You will replace limiting conversations (complaints, gossip, etc.) and remove the barriers to effective collaboration, teamwork, and championship performance. This course promises you communication that creates new futures in your relationships, work, and community.

Two-day program followed by a half-day session.


Paradigm for New Performance-Commitment-Based Management:

An intense core-curriculum program in the principles of transformation. Within the current paradigm there are few moments of pure performance and extraordinary accomplishment – moments when our intentions are reliably realized, moments when we are able to make things happen, moments when we experience being effective and fully satisfied. Our inability to cause such moments paralyzes us when we most need it – when our commitments stretch beyond our means to deliver on them, when the ordinary ways of acting are insufficient.

In this program, you gain access to creativity, self-expression and fulfillment. You will create a context of performance that inspires true partnership and the spirit of teamwork and will be given powerful tools to invent, articulate, and deliver on what you are committed to.

Four-to-six day program with breakthrough project coaching over a six-to-twelve month period.


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