The philosophy and core curriculum at the heart of Quantum Resources’ programs are distinctions in the areas of context, being and performance.

Quantum’s curriculum is not about telling you what to do to be an effective change agent, Quantum instead gives you the tools to be effective and to harness the resources that already exist in your organization. During this process you will discover who you are being as a leader and what is keeping you from accomplishing extraordinary results.

You will discover the very way you view your work sets the context. Looking from another view unveils powerful leadership possibilities and shifts the view from a business-as-usual perspective to one of visionary breakthroughs and extraordinary action.

When a shift in context is provided, people’s natural ability is unleashed and expanded, resulting in unforeseen, unprecedented and previously unattainable performance, leadership, and alignment.

Our programs use the power of focused inquiries that, rather than teach, offer people the opportunity to reveal for themselves the source of effective action and re-organize their commitment to fulfill on their vision resulting in breakthroughs in productivity and accomplishment.

What Determines Action

(This material is derived from the work of Werner Erhard and is used with permission.)