Building A High Performance Culture

Building A High Performance Culture exponentially expands an organization’s ability to innovate, collaborate and generate extraordinary performance.  It requires starting from a blank canvas.  In this program, you will complete the past-based, inherited future that has inhibited growth and limited productivity. You will find yourself in action, designing a powerful organizational culture that calls forth fulfillment and accomplishment. This culture will set the context for unprecedented achievement and high performance.

Two-day program followed by a half-day session.


Communication For Action and Performance

This course accesses ways of communicating that move beyond the ordinary, the commonplace, to an extraordinary way of communicating that is itself a direct and potent form of action. In this program you will discover the conversations that generate accomplishment. You will replace limiting conversations (complaints, gossip, etc.) and remove the barriers to effective collaboration, teamwork, and championship performance. This course promises you communication that creates new futures in your relationships, work, and community.

Two-day program followed by a half-day session.


Paradigm for New Performance: Commitment-Based Management

An intense core-curriculum program in the principles of transformation. Within the current paradigm there are few moments of pure performance and extraordinary accomplishment – moments when our intentions are reliably realized, moments when we are able to make things happen, moments when we experience being effective and fully satisfied. Our inability to cause such moments paralyzes us when we most need it – when our commitments stretch beyond our means to deliver on them, when the ordinary ways of acting are insufficient.

In this program, you gain access to creativity, self-expression and fulfillment. You will create a context of performance that inspires true partnership and the spirit of teamwork and will be given powerful tools to invent, articulate, and deliver on what you are committed to.

Four-to-six day program with breakthrough project coaching over a six-to-twelve month period.


Being A Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership Course

Participants of the Being A Leader Course discover that leadership doesn’t always mean a position, a title, time, money, influence, or any of the traits typically “required” to be a leader or produce the results of a leader. Instead of more knowledge about leadership, people gain access to actually being a leader and effectively exercising leadership as your natural self-expression.

By applying the ontological and phenomenological approaches to the study of leadership you will discover actionable access to altering the way in which you occur for yourself in situations requiring leadership. During the course conventional thought will be challenged, new ways of thinking will emerge, and you will leave with new actions to create even greater success in the areas of life and leadership that matter most.

This means you will naturally act as a leader WITHOUT having to remember what strategies or techniques to apply. Rather, you will be left being a leader and exercising your leadership effectively as your natural self-expression in any situation and no matter the circumstance.

Participants gain fresh perspectives and enhanced ability to lead people successfully in taking on the company’s future as their own-creating the generative force of the organization

A six session program including coaching sessions.


Breakthrough Technology: Realizing Extraordinary Commitments

Breakdowns occur most often as obstacles in our path – unpredictable unwanted events that thwart our intentions and prevent us from being satisfied and reaching our goals. In this program you will gain a facility and confidence in facing and resolving breakdowns clearly and powerfully, with an ease in moving forward, unencumbered by the limits of the past. Every breakthrough is predicated on a breakdown. In this program, you will profoundly alter your relationship to problems. Vitality, ease and effectiveness will be present in the most difficult and challenging of circumstances. You will come away being unstoppable.

Ten 3 hours session


The Entrepreneur’s Workshop: Critical Success Factors for Small Business

This program will alter the very nature of what is possible for you in your business. You will generate your vision and mission, and your actions will be shaped, called forth and consistent with that vision. You will be trained in causing breakthrough-thinking and breakthrough results. You will be provided with hands-on training and a toolbox of structures for managing your business. this course is a journey for extraordinary human beings fulfilling their vision in small business.

Six one-day sessions with coaching over a six-month period.


Mission Control – The Productivity Workshop

This program delivers the foundation and fundamentals for a breakthrough in your effectiveness, productivity, and performance. You will gain insight into the existing ways of working that limit you and learn new ways to think about, organize, and manage your work, This workshop leaves you with new perspectives and practices that equip you in being focused and productive. The promise of this program is power, freedom, and peace of mind in all that there is for you to do and handle in life.

Two-day program followed by a half-day session.