Akzo Nobel, Organon Teknika Corporation

I have known Quantum and Doreen Durney for six years. During this time, Doreen has been an extraordinary coach and mentor for me in the areas of leadership, communication, personal development, and future oriented thinking. Through Doreen and Quantum, I have learned and polished skills that have helped make me successful in my professional career. Many of these skills have carried over into my personal life where they have helped me as a husband, father, and leader in my community.

Quantum has provided me and many of my colleagues at Organon Teknika Corporation (a multi-million dollar medical diagnostics and pharmaceutical company) with the communication and leadership skills that allow us to achieve extraordinary results on a consistent basis. We have learned to overcome obstacles and adversity to achieve very ambitious goals and objectives. We have successfully navigated high-risk projects with extremely tight constraints on resources and time by developing work teams with high performance skills.These projects have contributed directly to ensuring and enhancing the profitability of our company. As a direct result of Quantum’s coaching and training, we were able to turn around a multi-million dollar project and complete it successfully.Doreen and I communicate on a regular basis and continue to design projects that will positively influence the way we work at Organon Teknika and that will ultimately make a difference to the quality of healthcare around the world.

Gregory R. Hirschfield, Ph.D.
Director BCG Operations, Manufacturing
Technologies and Quality Control

Build LLC

Working with Quantum Resources, we produced a 220% increase in revenue! Our number of projects (defined as hot and sweet) increased by 40%, plus our work was published in three publications. We continued to generate new results for the remainder of our contract which in turn provided openings which were previously unforeseen and frankly, not within what we viewed as possible. We highly recommend Quantum Resources without reservation. The results they produced are sustainable and extraordinary.”

Kevin Eckert and Andrew Van Leeuewen

ReMax 100

“I wanted to take a moment and thank Quantum Resources for the difference you have made in my professional life. Over the term of our fifteen-month contract, my personal real estate production is up 327% over last year’s production. This ‘quantum’ breakthrough was a direct result of your coaching on how to create a game, design the measurable results, and then remove the barriers that would prevent me from winning the game. If I included contracts that will close in the first three months of this year, the real increase is 427%.

Another breakthrough occurred in the Waterfront Park Place Development I am a partner in and marketing. As you know, this $44,000,000.00 project was at a dead stop. We were having financing problems which looked like the end of the project. I now have over $27,000,000.00 sold and construction is complete. Together, we saved this project and are altering what is possible for living in Louisville.

Another milestone is the growth of the ReMax 100 franchise I own. When we started the contract, we had 26 agents. At the time our contract completed we were at 40 agents, a 54% increase in my company.

ReMax 100 is one of only two companies that has earned the honor of ranking as one of the top real estate firms in both residential and commercial property sales (as ranked by Business First’s 2002 Book of Lists) and is in the top 25% of those firms in average sales price. ReMax 100, Inc. is fast becoming the best real estate company in Kentucky to work for if you are an entrepreneur.”

Mark Helm, Real Estate Broker
(one of the top 5% brokers in the U.S.)

Z’s Oyster Bar and Steakhouse

I am privileged to serve as a reference for Quantum Resources. Z’s was already a successful 4-star restaurant when we began working together. However, we had problems with teamwork, leadership, and managers being accountable for the enterprise as a whole. There were always emergencies and breakdowns happening. Employees operated from their individual points of view and concerns. We are now a team with a vision and values that we have all committed to. The work Quantum has done with us has resulted in a powerful management team, employees taking on leadership roles, and authentic teamwork from all staff.

We have become more professional and more motivated. I have been able to presence the vision I have for my organization. Because of the breakthrough results we accomplished over the last six months I am now committing to opening a second and third location. The consultants’ commitments to our success have been beyond anything I could have imagined. The training they provided has produced an unshakable foundation of work-ability  profitability, and vision-directed action. I highly recommend Quantum for any organization that is committed to exceptional results.

Mehrzad Sharbaiani, Owner

Advanced Tool & Supply, Inc.

I want to thank Quantum Resources for delivering what they promised! The Leadership Course was astounding. Their approach to uncovering the distinctions of Leadership is invaluable!

I am the General Manager of one of the top industrial distributors in the Silicon Valley. My Sales Manager and I got so much out of the Leadership Course that we invited Quantum Resources to train and develop our entire company.

I have been involved with Transformational Education for a number of years. And what Quantum Resources provides is a specific, tailored conversation to address our specific concerns and breakdowns inside of our business. One of the greatest benefits is that these distinctions also roll over into our personal lives!

Quantum Resources is a MUST for any one or any organization that is committed to dismantling the “business as usual” and creating unlimited possibilities!

Steve Colorado, General Manager

AB  Design Studio, Inc.

“It is my pleasure to recommend Quantum Resources. My business partner, Clay Aurell, and I starting working with Quantum Resources at the end of 2011. During the last 8 months our business has flourished and our personal lives have become fulfilling and extraordinary. The technology that Quantum uses along with the face to face weekly meetings, workshops and general support have created dramatic transformations for our organization and endeavors. SInce engaging with Quantum, we have seen dramatic improvements in the areas of productivity and revenue. One notable aspect of this work that has made a difference for us is that this has come about inside of a great personal transformation as individuals, business partners, husbands, fathers and members of our community. As our work with Quantum has unfolded over the last few months, Bruce and Phil have also been able to include our staff and families in the dynamic of coaching and training. As a result, we have been successful in transforming our lives while also transforming our culture as a business and family. Quantum is providing relevant and exceptional training and development for anyone who wants to be responsible for their own success. Anyone holding accountability and leadership as important to their life should have Quantum as a partner.

Quantum delivers!”


Josh Blumer, Partner

Center for Infinite Health

“My personal experience in this course was one of feeling empowered and rearranged as what I had thought were weaknesses turned out to be strengths. I also learned how to listen to my team in a way that has them get into action and take ownership of the progress we are out to make. One organization of acupuncturists I belong to has been dilly dallying for years just getting by. When a few of us took The Leadership Course together, we instantly began creating a future vision for our organization, and it has continued to expand the way we work together. Now everyone is working as a team, even those who weren’t actually at the course with us are participating more fully. And now our organization has just been asked to take on having acupuncture become an integral part of a national integrative medicine movement. This sort of exponential progress was not something I thought could happen so quickly, and I am 100% clear that the space we created at The Leadership Course caused this shift.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who works with other people to accomplish a goal, and puts all the players powerfully onto the playing field.”

LeAnne Thomson, Ower

The Jazz Angels

“The Course was fabulous.  I learned so many things about how to grow our organization: For me the course made it clear what I needed to give up both personally and in business in order for our organization to grow.  Also the course leaders coached me on how to declare a breakdown in our organization to the board members.  I was keeping the breakdown inside of me and it was paralyzing us.  Now, we are on the mend and the organization has grown.  Small steps but moving in the right direction.”

Barry Cogert, Executive Director

Stacy Scott

“Thank you so much. I can’t thank Quantum Resources enough for what the Being A Leader Course has done for me. In short I’m just blown away. One of my created futures just happened. I gave my presentation on Tuesday to the board and they called me the next morning to offer me the job. They said that they needed a leader for this position and they think I’m it. I can’t tell you how great that was to hear. I created that in this course. Thank you, thank you!”

Stacy Scott, San Jose, CA 

Bob Ray Companies

“I got to see my business relationships in a way that had never occurred for me. My team’s profitability went up exponentially; I attribute this to communication like we have never had, and grudges that were able to be put to rest.”

Sales Manager

“Our management team participated in the course together.  I feel we now all have the same foundation relating to leadership.  We are able to communicate with each other more directly without the worry of someone taking things personally.  We are all on the same page, and that makes it much easier to get things done.”

Pam Peters, Operation Manager


SPOKES for Non-Profits Organization

“Thanks so very much for offering your experience to our members in the Leadership Seminar you conducted on SPOKES behalf! It was exciting to finally venture into the leadership development arena with our curriculum. Especially because it was so well received; a testament to your skills and delivery.”
Lesley Santos-Dierks, Executive Director

Body Kinetics Health Clubs

“The impact of the work with did with Quantum Resources transformed how we operate our business. It especially impacted me as the owner, where I really got that this is my business and it shows up the way that I am being about it. I was being not responsible for the financial condition of the company and “being ok” with us feeling poor and without money. My employees took that on also, “That we can’t afford things” That then gets passed to the customer.

So what we created was that we are responsible for our goals and what we say we are going to do is our word. The power of our word showed up right away and the leaders of this company began hitting their goals. Not just little goals, but bigger goals. We became unafraid to take on more and the company grew.

The first six months of 2016 we lost $75,300, compared to a profit of $87,800 in the first six months of 2017. That is a huge turn around and yet we are not finished. We continue to transform our operation and enhance the value of what we offer. Understanding and articulating our value is the key. To articulate value, we have to believe that what we provide is worth the customer paying, whatever the price may be. As of November, 2017, we have achieved a $250,000 profit so far for 2017.

We have incredibly talented people working at Body Kinetics and their value to the customer will be seen through success stories, through their words. Others are seeing it and want to be members with us, members for life. Thanks for all your support.”

Michael Hoeber Jenkins, Founder and Owner
Body Kinetics Health Clubs